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Without any sort of glue or any other fasteners, we, a group of three, designed an element and built it in an old station.

The tension existing in the chosen compound and in clamping the whole, that is was strong enough to stay up.

A library is a place of serenity. A place where you can have a look at interesting books in a relaxed and silent way. What is missing in many libraries is a space where you can read a book.


The presence of light is very important while choosing and reading

a book.

Light decides what you you can or cannot see.

It makes the difference between a cozy or uncomfortable place.


In order to get this tranquility, that is so necessary in a library, you need good acoustics.

Playing with these elements, by making use of

the basic element of a library, seemed us very interesting. In our design, the bookcase takes over this role.


'Incoming light'


'Playing with perspectives'

Perspective is all about the relationship between a person and the space he/she is in.

It is about that certain point of view of a person.

The way he/she sees the space. The directions of the lines  who are subject to the perspective.

As a designer it's a challenge to play with perspective, to play with the lines.

Creating space is equal to taking place,

to delimit air. When you look around in your close environment you notice that there are discrete little spaces in several objects.

Voids that fulfill their function, simply because they are empty: functional voids.


'Functional voids'



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